Dating a musician is hard

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Dating a musician is hard - huntsville dating

After reading it, I couldn’t help but think about all the different events I’ve experienced while trying to date men who aren’t musicians/entertainers.

18) DO bring your buddies to the show, so you have someone else to hang out with while your girlfriend is working. If you’re whiny, insecure, and douchey, maybe that good-looking guy with a decent job who’s chatting her up at the next gig WILL look kinda good versus the psycho who’s text-bombing her phone when he knows she’s supposed to be on stage.Although I’m down for a good cry with a bottle of wine and ‘P. I Love You’ any day of the week, Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for something MUCH better.I like to be out, I like to be on stage, I like to be the center of attention, I like to wear a lot of liquid black eyeliner and I like to do it as often as humanly possible.No need to display how insecure you are while she’s busy.16) Never say anything negative about the band that you cannot say to her.It is likely her bandmates work out, and if they see her in tears minutes before the big rock show, it’ll be 4-against-1 bro.

13) Do NOT ask your girlfriend to quit the band just because you’re uncomfortable, unless you’re looking to sabotage your relationship. Your girlfriend must help pack and load gear at the end of the night too.It takes awhile to tear down, load up, get paid, go back to the practice room to unload, have a beer, chill and talk about the show. 5) Do NOT assume that your girlfriend is sleeping with her bandmates.Female musicians get a front row seat to the “trampesty” that is the dating habits of the male musician.You’ll make friends and fans uncomfortable, and it will come back to bite you in the ass.17) People will buy your girlfriend drinks all night. How you choose to treat her will influence the resulting song.I recently came across an entertaining list in my email titled “Rules for Dating a Musician”.